Welcome to our school library!

The school library is continuously an ongoing process. Even more so this first year of our new school. 

The school library is situated in the corridor next to the Student Care Team. It is a calm place for reading, leisure and studying.  There is a reading room with comfortable bean bags and a study room with a table and chairs for group activities. There are also individual spaces for school work and in time there will also be computers to use for school work.

We have books in both English and Swedish at all reading levels, from beginner to advanced, both fiction and non-fiction.

You can follow the IES Skellefteå Library on Instagram! To see what is happening in the library and book tips: @ies_skelleftea_library

I am so excited to see the library grow into being an important part of our school!

To contact the library:

See you in the library :)

/Ms Renling