October edition: A message from our Principal


Greetings IES Skellefteå, 

The first term of the year is well on its way and there is a lot going on at school. As I am writing this, our team is in a School Conference working with other schools and our head office to discuss the very ingredients of a successful school environment and how we can achieve our all-school targets this year. Over the last couple of weeks, we have had many discussions about what makes the IES Skellefteå culture or as we say The IES Skellefteå Way. I speak about this theme to all staff members each week, and it is also discussed in staff meetings and with students in different settings. One thing that I believe sets our school apart, is that at our school, every single member of staff works to deliver an outstanding school experience for students and staff each and every day. We do this together.  

We really do have a very special school here and we continue with our drive and vision of creating the very best environment for both staff and students alike. 

This month, we can see a lot of academic and pastoral events happening at our school. There are reading projects, awareness projects, Halloween is coming up soon, and we also have our first academic mid-term reports just before Autumn break.

Parents: Please make sure you go through the mid-term reports with your child to see how they are doing academically, and how to better support them in reaching their academic goals. We believe that the best way to achieve our goals is by working together between school and the home. 

We will also have PTA events happening very soon. Please keep an eye on SchoolSoft news for more information. I am very much looking forward to being able to collaborate more with the parent association in-person this year. I am sure many new parents will join and become class parents as that is important to our community. 

Enjoy what is left of October and I will see you again tomorrow by the main entrance between 7:45 and 8:10.

Kind regards, 

Mr Granström, Your Principal