November Edition: A message from our Principal

November Edition: A message from our Principal

Dear IES Skellefteå Community,

With Christmas fast approaching, and the end of term just around the corner, we have a lot of exciting projects and events in store. During the month of November, there was an emphasis on the first round of National Tests in Swedish/SVA, English and Maths for students in Year 6 and Year 9. We are also working towards the end of term with grades and end of term reports.  

November was also Mind & Heart Month, which saw an increase in focus on exercise and reading.  

Parent Café

At IES Skellefteå, we pride ourselves on having a proactive and highly supportive student care team. A new initiative this year is that our school counsellor / skolkurator Mr Ljung is offering sessions for parents as part of our “Parent Café.” You can read more about this on SchoolSoft, and sign up if you are interested. Mr Ljung believes that the purpose of these sessions “is to improve our communication with you, as parents, to enlighten you about challenges that our students are struggling with, but also, to inform you about how we, as a school, work with student health. We also hope this will give you the opportunity to meet and talk to other parents who are in a similar situation as yourself, or share an interest in said topic.” We hope more of you will sign up and join Mr Ljung!

Lunch with the Principal 

I am starting an initiative with the goal of meeting more parents and getting you in the building. Lunch with the Principal on Fridays 11:30-12:15 is now available. Sign up by emailing me. I am really looking forward to having lunch with you. 

Fritids times over Christmas break

It is now time to inform our Fritidshem whether your child will attend Fritids over the Christmas break. The deadline for reporting times is set to December 6th. Please make sure to meet this deadline, as we need to know very soon how many students we will have, in order to plan accordingly. 

Other important events to take note of:

IES Skellefteå Open House

We have sent a separate invitation to all families that are currently enqueued, and invited them to an information session. This is an opportunity to learn more about our school before making your choice of school for your children. 

When: December 7th, 18:00-18:45

Where: IES Skellefteå auditorium

Winter Celebrations and Lucia Evening at IES Skellefteå

Our wonderful Parent Teacher Association (PTA), is organising an event at school to celebrate the arrival of winter. 

When: December 15th, 16:30-18:00

Where: IES Skellefteå 

End of Term and Last Day of School 

The last day of this first full term will be December 21st. Parents are unfortunately not invited. More information will be shared soon. 

First Day of school Spring Term 2022

The first day of school in 2022 will be January 11th. Students will follow their regular schedule that you can find on SchoolSoft.  

Thank you for reading.

Warm wishes, 

Mr Granström