Let us know if you would like an international curriculum

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Let us know if you would like an international curriculum

During the application process a number of families have let us know that they would like the option of an international education, rather than one which follows the Swedish curriculum. 

While we expect most of our students will take the regular Swedish curriculum, it may also be possible for us to offer an international programme for grades F-9, based on the international curriculum from Cambridge Assessment International Education, from August 2020.

Students who complete this international programme instead would have a qualification which is recognised in applications to international schools around the world.  All teaching would be in English apart from the subject of Swedish.  

In order to offer this international curriculum we require permission from the Swedish Schools Inspectorate (Skolinspektionen) and one of the key factors in granting the license is how many families are interested. If you are interested in having the possibility to choose an international curriculum for your child please fill in the survey here.

In order to be eligible to apply your child must fall into one or more of four categories:

  • The student is staying in Sweden for a short/limited period of time.
  • The student has previously attended an international school abroad.
  • It is very likely that the student will leave Sweden (emigrate) for a longer period of time or permanently.
  • English is the mother tongue by one or both parents, used every day in the family. The student has a level of English good enough to understand the teaching.