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Principal Appointed for IES Skellefteå

Dear all,

My name is Frederik Granström and as of February, I will be the principal of Internationella Engelska Skolan Skellefteå, preparing a school which will open for grades F-9 in August 2019.

I am very excited to be bringing IES to Skellefteå, a town where I have strong family connections through my wife.

I have had the opportunity to work for Internationella Engelska Skolan since 2010. In 2011 I helped to open IES Hässelby and then spent three years as the school’s assistant principal, managing the daily operations alongside the rest of the leadership team.  I became the school's principal in 2016 and have lead the staff at Hässelby until now when I have been presented with the opportunity to start an exciting new school in Skellefteå.

My vision for IES Skellefteå is that it will be a strong community and that we will work together every day in order to provide students and staff with a calm and safe learning and working environment where teachers can teach and students learn. IES has, and will continue to have, high academic expectations for every child regardless of background or previous experience with education. We will maintain an international school atmosphere and culture where students learn to command the English language without sacrificing the Swedish language. It will be a truly international and bilingual environment. Order, structure and discipline in a warm, respectful and welcoming environment where students’ academic and social development always comes first is what defines IES Hässelby today and will define IES Skellefteå when we open in August.

I wish you all a pleasant winter break, and a happy Christmas, and look forward to meeting you in the new year.

Best Regards, 

Mr Granström

The Principal will be at Skyltsöndag on Sunday December 2nd

Greetings students and parents in Skellefteå, 

I just thought I would let you know that I will have a table at Skyltsöndag on Sunday in Skellefteå. I really look forward to meeting people then, to tell you more about the school that we will open in August 2019, and to answer any questions you have. 

The IES Skellefteå table will be placed opposite Hanzéns on Nygatan. 

Best regards, 

Mr Granström 

IES opening a new school in Skellefteå

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On 14 June 2018, IES reported that discussions had been ongoing between the Municipality of Skellefteå in north-eastern Sweden and IES about opening a new school in the Municipality in 2019. Discussions centered on IES’s potential to conduct operations in the premises of the Brännan School, which are owned by the Municipality.

IES has now signed a lease contract with Skellefteå Industrihus AB, owned by the Municipality of Skellefteå, to start operations from the academic year 2019/20. Operations will cover grade school from the preschool grade to grade 9, and an after-school recreation center. The initial estimated number of classes is 10, and at capacity, the school will have 20 classes.

“We think a competitive and international business community creates an attractive and growing labor market. To achieve this, our business community needs to recruit experts for its operations, and Skellefteå needs to be perceived as an attractive location for Swedish and foreign families,” commented Kristina Sundin Jonsson, Skellefteå’s Mayor.

“For a long time, Skellefteå’s business community and parents have been wanting the type of education IES offers. We’ve listened to them and believe that this start-up and Skellefteå’s overall education opportunities are decisive to continued sustainable growth,” said Maria Marklund (Social Democrat Party), Skellefteå’s Municipal Commissioner.

In response, Annette Brodin Rampe, CEO of IES commented: “We’ve had a fantastic welcome from the Municipality of Skellefteå. This start-up is an excellent example of how we can be part of the solution to ensure access to the highest-quality education in the Municipality in close partnership with the municipality, residents and successful international businesses. We’re looking forward to being part of this and contributing to the future of Skellefteå and its population.”

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New schools in Länna and Sundbyberg officially opened

Nearly 600 students lined up behind their mentor teachers and marched proudly into their classroom as Internationella Engelska Skolan opened two new 4-9 schools in the autumn of 2018.

IES Sundbyberg opened as part of an ambitious new urban development which will see the Valla Park area reinvigorated, while IES Länna is a brand new, custom-designed and built school on a road which has only just been opened.

Both schools have been opened in cooperation with their home municipality, working together with Internationella Engelska Skolan to provide high-quality education to students in areas where there is a need for more schools going forward.

Before planting the traditional apple tree and cutting the ceremonial ribbon to officially open Internationella Engelska Skolan Länna, principal Ms Julie Kelly (pictured, above and right) told the assembled students: “Today I am so happy and excited to be standing in front of these beautiful buildings that have now become our school and our new home.

"What’s even more exciting for me today is you. You, along with all your phenomenal teachers here at IES Länna, are going to make this into the school that we have all dreamed about.

“When you walk in through these doors today you will not just be an IES Länna student, you are joining the IES family. Welcome home."

Two days later at the opening of Internationella Engelska Skolan Sundbyberg, principal Ms Sofia Kinberg (left) spoke to a gathering of students, parents and staff.

She said: “There are a lot of new things ahead of us. Apart from our school, at the same time, IES celebrates its 25th anniversary this year.  Mrs Bergström started the first school in 1993 and today we are opening our 36th school here in Sundbyberg.

"My goal is, when we stand here in June at our graduation day and look back at this day, that we are proud, that we feel we have grown and developed together, and we say 'yes, we did it’. 

"I look forward to working with you, students and parents.  For 25 years IES has delivered quality and from today you will be the next ambassadors to pass that responsibility forward.  Students, teachers, staff, I know that you will be outstanding.”

Internationella Engelska Skolan has opened 27 new schools around Sweden in the past ten years, and is committed to expanding in the future, helping municipalities around Sweden to meet the great need for new school places.

At the opening of IES Länna Ms Annette Brodin Rampe, Chief Executive Officer of Internationella Engelska Skolan, added: “This year we are opening two new schools in IES, one here in Länna and one in Sundbyberg. That means that this year we are more students than ever in the IES family; there will be more than 25,000 students in Internationella Engelska Skolan.

“Thank-you all of you that have chosen to come here and have chosen our school, I think one of the reasons why you chose our school is that year after year we deliver much better results than any other school and our students are succeeding with their work at school. The reason why we can do that is we focus on having a safe and calm environment in our schools.”

Ms Barbara Bergström, founder and vice chairman of Internationella Engelska Skolan (right, with two students planting an apple tree) also addressed the crowds at both events.

She said: “I feel secure that each and every student is in the best of hands, and I am grateful to you the parents who are giving us the trust that the most precious things in your lives, the wellbeing of your sons and daughters, you are giving that to us, I am deeply grateful for that trust.”

From the Principal

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